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What is a WhatsApp Shopping website?

It is a website where buyers can view your products & then directly connect with you on WhatsApp to buy it. This interaction helps you address the queries of buyers, win their trust & sell to them much faster.

Whatsapp Shopping is set to revolutionise the e-commerce industry by adding a human-touch to online shopping & making the entire experience more personal, friendly & pleasurable for buyers.

How Sample Hall Works

Signup & Connect with your Instagram account.

Your posts get uploaded on your website automatically.

Website visitors who like your products can connect with you on WhatsApp & shop from you.



Reach New Customers

Grow your business by selling to customers globally.

Delight Existing Customers

Make it convenient for your existing customers to shop from you.

Build Your Brand & Increase Customer Loyalty

Your website will help in building your brand, gaining customer's trust & increasing their loyalty.

0% Commission

No commission on sale of your products.

No Need to Block Inventory

As Buyers enquire about your products on WhatsApp, you don't need to block your inventory separately for online sales.

Sell Online + Offline

Since you don't need to block your inventory, you can sell your awesome products online or offline.

Hassle Free

You do not need to worry about updating or managing your website.

Save Time & Money

With our fully automated solution, you can relax & spend more time doing what you love!


Get Buyer Leads on WhatsApp

Address the concerns of potential buyers through WhatsApp chat & convert them into paying customers.

Social Media Sharing

Customers can share your products with their friends & family in just one click.

Built-in SEO

Your website is SEO optimized & could rank higher in search results, thereby attracting more customers.

Automatic Updates

Whatever you post on your Instagram page, gets posted on your website automatically.

No Technical Knowledge Needed

You can easily launch your website in just a few clicks.

No Separate Hosting Required

You do not need any other website hosting service, as we will take care of it.

Mobile Friendly

Your customers will have a very smooth experience across all the devices.


14 days risk-free trial.

Then just US $10 per month.

Cancel anytime.


  • What is Sample Hall?

    Sample Hall is a software platform that helps you grow your business by launching your WhatsApp Shopping website.

  • Who should use Sample Hall?

    All those businesses who want to sell online but (1) cannot give high commission to platforms (2) cannot block inventory separately for online sales (3) are not tech-savvy (4) want to quickly sell their limited inventory - online or offline (5) and want to build their brand.

  • Do I need to upload products separately?

    No, you do not need to upload products separately on Sample Hall. Once you connect with your Instagram account, whatever you post on your Instagram page will get uploaded on your website automatically. This saves you a lot of time, as you do not need to manage your website separately.

  • Customers who like your products can tap on the WhatsApp icon next to your product to chat with you & shop from you.

  • As you will be interacting with your customers over WhatsApp, you can easily share how you would like to get paid & the customers would be happy to pay you accordingly.

  • You can connect with any logistics provider / courier / shipping company you like & they will be happy to do the job for you. They would pickup & deliver the packages safely. It's pretty easy!

  • No, we do not charge any commission.

  • Sample Hall is free for the first 14 days, so that you can try our service. After that, it costs just US $10 per month to keep your website updated & functioning, so that you can grow your business & achieve the financial independence you've always wanted.

  • You just need a valid email address, a WhatsApp number and an Instagram account, that's it.

  • Once your signup is complete, you can click on 'Connect Instagram' button and you will be able to connect easily. After that, your website will be created instantly. Happy Selling :)

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